The last 75!

Yes Dialogue Last 75 copies Stereo 33 BooksFrom recent emails and messages we’ve had, there is a demand for the Yes : Dialogue Book from disappointed people who didn’t order it in time or only found out more recently about it.  We have discussed the situation with our printer, and reached an agreement to produce the last 75 copies, to take us up to our production limit and complete the run (600 copies including band a contributor copies.)  To do this however we need to get firm orders first; a book like this is simply too expensive to produce otherwise.

Those last 75 copies can be reserved on a first come first served basis, with a small (non-refundable) deposit.  If we reach the order level needed, we will go into production and invoice you for the balance, if not we will refund the deposit.  If we go ahead, the final production will be early in the New Year.

As before, if you want your name or a dedication inside we can include this, just add the details on the shopping cart.

All specifications and content remain as before, and you can read full details on the site here.  The book has been very well received and reviews from customers have been fantastic. You can read some of the feedback on the website.  If you have any questions, please get in touch with Ann or Simon at the Stereo33Books office (details on the website.) THE WORDS LAST 75 DO NOT APPEAR ON THE COVER!

This link takes you to the correct page on the shop to reserve one of these last copies:–dialogue-last-75-pre-order-290-p.asp

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Softback launched

The softback edition of the Genesis Lamb Lies Down book has been announced and can be pre-ordered at the publisher’s online shop, where the full details are also given.  The softback has a different cover design, as seen below.  The inside of the book is the same as the hardback, but lacks the signature page.  It will also be limited, to 300 copies (the hardback is 200 copies.).

Genesis Lamb Lies Down On Broadway softback edition

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Genesis Limited Edition

We are please to say this title is now available on pre-sale only as a Signature Hardback Edition, limited to just 200 copies worldwide, and signed by Steve Hackett. The edition, which is priced at £149 plus shipping, is personalised to each customer and numbered, with a certificate of authenticity. If you signed up to the subscribers list you will have already had details.

You can read more about the title on the site using the Genesis menu to access various pages. If you are already up to speed and wish to place a pre-order, you can go direct to our shop.

Genesis Lamb Lies Down On Broadway book ST33

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Yes to Genesis 2


We are sorry the current batch of Yes book orders has taken over three weeks to ship. The courier was badly affected by the Russian cyber-attacks and had to go offline in order to rewrite a lot of their operating systems. They are now getting back up to speed and the books will ship Friday. Everyone in the shipment has been kept informed.

Meanwhile subscribers to our Genesis book newsletter have had two messages this week, including the very first overall look at the Signature Hardback Edition, which is pretty impressive!  We will go public with this here in a couple of days.


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Yes to Genesis

Genesis Lamb Lies Down On Broadway book ST33As the last few Yes orders go out, we are now turning our attentions to the Genesis book project.  The over-run on the Yes printing has delayed this next book, but we will be getting stuck back in from the end of this week.  Simon had a long meeting with our printer yesterday and went through all the options and discussed paper and linen finishes for the cover and limited edition.  We will hopefully send out a newsletter next week with more final details for people who have signed up.  This will be our first point of contact, so we would suggest you join that list to get pre-order information first.  You can join using the button on this page:

genesis subscribe link

The Facebook page will get the info a few days later once newsletter subscribers have had a chance to act.  Amazingly new photos are still turning up, and we got an interesting batch from one of the US shows only last week.



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Off the presses

Yes Dialogue book in the binding room during production, May 2017

Deliveries of the next batch of Yes : Dialogue books finally began to come in last week and we have been sorting and packing ever since. We anticipate the last of the back-orders will have shipped by the end of next week.  In the meantime Simon has been sent a couple of photos taken at the plant, one when he was checking page samples and another showing the book in the binding room, where some staff worked a weekend shift to help speed up delivery to us: “As I worked at a couple of printers in the late 70s and early 80s it was nice to spend a couple of hours on the shop floor once again, and catch up a bit on some of the new technology. I was pleased in the binding room to see they had covered the work surfaces in clean paper to protect the covers of the book while they were being handled prior to protecting each copy in bubble wrap before boxing them up.”  It was also nice to see the firm had already put a copy on display in their show cabinet!  Simon managed to blag some of the uncut proof sheets for the office wall. By the way, the hair wasn’t grey when he began this project…

Yes Dialogue book in the printroom during production, April 2017

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On the press

The Yes Dialogue book is now back on the presses and the printer will begin binding next week, so we will then have stock to start sending out again. All outstanding orders will ship during May.  To explain, as there has been a bit of confusion, this is NOT a second edition; we simply split the total print run into two for logistical reasons – we just did not have the room to safely house all 600 copies and associated packaging in one go!

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