Andrew Môn Hughes

Mark Crohan and Andrew Môn Hughes

Andrew left, Mark right, co-authors of The Bee Gees : The Australian Years

Andrew Môn Hughes
Andrew Môn Hughes is from Anglesey in Wales and is a recognised world authority on The Bee Gees – the term “BeeGeeologist” was coined by, and bestowed upon him by none other than Dick Ashby, The Bee Gees’ personal manager.
Apart from his most obvious claim to fame as co-author of “Tales Of The Brothers Gibb”, Andrew has worked on a plethora of other Bee Gees projects including tour programmes, CD and DVD liner notes, television specials and DVDs.
With one of the largest Bee Gees collections in the world, and an archive second to none, Andrew is always in demand to assist on all sorts of projects globally.