Deep Purple Archive Collection

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This title is now in the final stages of production and we expect it to ship during the summer of 2019. The book has been delayed due to Simon’s illness. As well as the regular softback edition, there is limited edition of the book, signed by drummer Ian Paice.  There are only 125 copies like this, and the publishers have made a donation to a charity of Ian’s choice for this (see the news item on our home page.)  The new cover design is shown below:

Deep Purple Barry Plummer photo book

You can see more page spreads from the 1973 tour here, and the original spreads here.

This is the first of our Barry Plummer books, it covers the highly influential and successful rock band Deep Purple. Formed in 1968, Barry photographed the group at a number of important shows in the early seventies, including their Royal Albert Hall debut (as a band without an orchestra!), appearances at the BBC for Top Of The Pops and In Concert, shows in 72 and 73 and then their British tour in 1974.  The photographs feature arguable the group’s most important line-ups, Mk 2 with Ian Gillan and Roger Glover, then Mk 3 with Coverdale and Hughes.  Barry also covered some press launches.

Deep Purple, London, UK tour 1974

7 Responses to Deep Purple Archive Collection

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  3. Rob Graatsma says:

    “published soon” ? Can’t wait any longer!

  4. gareth says:

    Looks really good…not enough Purple books out there as they are extremely underrated. Love them

  5. Nikos says:

    Try more Purple books the better.

  6. Mike Galway says:

    Drooling noise Homer makes……..

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