Genesis / The Lamb

UPDATE • Pre-sale orders for the Signature Hardback Limited Edition have gone live.  There are only 350 copies of the massive special edition available.

Genesis Lamb Lies Down coverGenesis : Gabriel, Banks, Hackett, Rutherford, Collins.

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Genesis are rightly regarded as one of the founders of what today is known as progressive rock. Emerging from public school backgrounds and uncertain beginnings under the wing of pop producer Jonathan King, Genesis were signed by Charisma records on the strength of their innovative live shows.
Supported by the label, the band’s music grew in ambition across four albums in the early 1970s, with long numbers and music which appealed to a growing underground market that largely ignored the trapping of the pop chart scene. Not until their fifth album did Genesis have any significant single success with the unlikely top twenty breakout hit “I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)”.
Although their longer tracks could be said to encompass the genre, the band only embarked on a proper concept album with The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, released in 1974. Surprisingly, it eschewed the scope afforded by a double gatefold album in favour of shorter songs, connected by linking pieces. The subject of the album also steered away from the band’s normal very English-centric material, and instead focused on the struggles of an immigrant youth trying to come to terms with life in New York City.
Although supported by a lengthy world tour centred on the new album,
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway was not an unqualified success commercially. Yet today, album and tour taken together, the reputation of this ambitious work has grown. In recent years, readers of Rolling Stone have voted it fifth in their favourite prog albums of all time (2012); it also made Uncut Magazine’s recent top ten concept album chart.
Such ambition was not without problems and the group felt more restricted than before having to synch their music to an elaborate stage production night after night. As the main visual focus of the band and their lyricist, Peter Gabriel had also come under increasing pressure and decided to end his association with the band. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway was his final album and tour as a founding member of Genesis.

For almost everyone who saw The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway tour, the show remains etched in their memory thanks to the combination of the clever music and the ground-breaking stage performance.  This new book takes a very detailed look at this particular period in the history of Genesis.  Through the bringing together of many rare photographs, memorabilia, recollections from people in the audience, band members, designers, photographers and crew the book brings this largely undocumented tour to light in impressive style.

The book’s presentation is large format, high quality printing on archival paper, to ensure the best possible reproduction for the material.  There will be two large format editions; a Signature Hardback Edition will be available first but limited to just 350 copies worldwide, with exclusive extras.  The Limited Softback Edition will follow. More details and pricing will be released very shortly and you can join an exclusive mailing list to receive news on progress via the link at the top of this page. Both editions are being sold via mail-order only.

To keep up to speed on the project, this site will be regularly updated, and people can still contribute to the book during the final artwork stages. The following for example comes from one person who caught the tour:

“I saw the show in Manchester. I was at college right in the centre of town but the shows sold out so quickly I was unable to get a ticket.  It was a big disappointment as I had seen the group the previous year and been very impressed by them live.  Then a mate at college told me he’d got a spare ticket, so we went together.  My abiding memory of the evening is at the end of the show, we got out of the doors and just leapt in the air, it had been so exhilarating.  Everyone I’ve spoken to about it of course remembers Gabriel’s incredible bubble suit, I think it was on the front of the NME too, but so many other aspects of the show stick in the brain.  The way they set up Gabriel on a platform on one side of the stage, then somehow moved him right across the stage in an instant was mesmerising. Of course we found out later how they’d done the trick, but on the night it was breathtaking.  The use of lasers was also very exciting. I went to my first rock show in 1970, and have seen hundreds of bands since then, but The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway show is easily in my top five gigs of all time.”

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67 Responses to Genesis / The Lamb

  1. Kev Powell says:

    Looking forward to seeing this, as I was at the Birmingham Hippodrome gig May 2nd 75! Cheers, Kev from Dudley.

    • rockahead says:

      That concert became a very famous Genesis bootleg which I used to have (and wish I still did). It was called “Swelled and Spent” and if I remember correctly it was on the TAKRL label. There are other great shows out there however if you know where to look.
      Jon Kirkman

      • simon robinson says:

        Ah yes, The Amazing Kornyphone Record Label! There used to be a little shop in the back streets of Manchester off Tib Street which sold ‘mucky magazines’ (as we used to term them!). But if you went through the magazine room, he had a couple of racks stuffed full of bootleg vinyl. If you bought one and it turned out to be dreadful quality he would do an exchange ‘cos as he said he had no way of knowing (they were all sealed). Wish I’d had the money to buy loads.

      • marco says:

        I also own a copy of “Swelled and Spent” LP, in good conditions

      • Edo Sweijd says:

        Luckily I own this special bootleg and relish it.

  2. Claude Vignola says:

    Do you know if the book will be release in french language too?

    • simon robinson says:

      Hi Claude, no this will be in English. But it is more of a photographic title, so shouldn’t put people off too much.

  3. Anne Corris says:

    Being lucky enough to see The Lamb tour, I can’t wait for this!

  4. martin bannister says:

    I saw the Lamb show at Bristol Colston Hall in 1975. I remember queuing all night in snow to get tickets, it was a fantastic show. First time I had seen Genesis live I WILL NEVER FORGET IT . I have seen every tour since and was at Manchester in 2007. I hope they can get together and recreate the Lamb show again.

    • simon robinson says:

      It would be great, and The Musical Box can lend them all the kit! Do write us a few lines on getting the tickets and the show for the book diary.

  5. Bernard Lavoie says:


  6. johan schollaert says:

    Can’t wait for this- I’m from Belgium, I saw them several times in Belgium-the Lamb in 75 at Forest National Brussels. I was at their first ever gig in Belgium in 1972 at the Ferme V in Woluwe, I was 15 at the time….

    • simon robinson says:

      Thanks Johna; if you have your ticket you can scan for us, or any memories of the Lamb show, do get in touch.

  7. Robert Plotsky says:

    Hello! I was fortunate enough to be in attendance at the Lamb Lies Down On Broadway concert in NYC at the old Academy of Music, I think. It was 1974, and having been at a few Genesis gigs previously, while Mr. Gabriel was still in the group, I was more than happy to see the premiere of this still unheard masterpiece by such a wonderful band. Neither my friend or myself had heard any tracks from the album thus far, and this made the occasion even more exciting. I believe they opened with “Watcher of the Skies”, and possibly a few other gems, but soon announced that they were about to play this new double LP’s worth of material in it’s entirety. Each new tune was like unwrapping a gift, and together with the slideshow,lighting, and superb sound, made this an unforgettable event in my musical memory. The band was in top form, although the venue was far from capacity in attendance. It was a fantastic evening of music and visions, that I will never forget!

    • simon robinson says:

      Great to hear your recollections Robert. Like you I’d not hard the album prior to seeing the show, but it was such an event it didn’t matter, and much of the material was very memorable even on first hearing so it carried you along.

    • AGN says:

      I saw Genesis perform The Lamb on December 6, 1974 at the early show. They did two shows that night. I was a few days shy of 16 so I could only see the early show. I distinctly remember the show. When you entered the theater there were special large sheet versions of the lp fold out story of Rael on each chair. I still have mine!! Then the lights went down, the stage curtain opened and billowing dry ice filled the stage. Awesome show.
      They did not open with Watcher. That was the 1st encore. I also remember the album came out about 3 weeks before this show. I listened to it constantly so I was familiar with the songs prior to seeing them. It was a good move! Still my favorite concert of all time and I have seen hundreds. Look forward to this book.

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  9. Nick LaMaka says:

    Looking forward to it!

    • miquel says:

      We will love to buy this book, any one know when will be posible to buy it? and where?

      • simon robinson says:

        We will announce this as soon as we have the final details Miquel, it will be available through an approved online shop.

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  12. Dave Willetts says:

    I saw the 2nd May show at Birmingham Hippodrome, I was a young kid of 12 years old and a Genesis nut. After it all my friend said ‘I’ve got a feeling we wont see genesis again, I think they are gonna split up.’ It was Gabriels last uk gig.

    • Dave Willetts says:

      Oh yeah Carpet Crawlers got a massive cheer too of course. I still think it’s an interesting game to choose which songs would have made a 45 minute highlight set. Maybe the US got the best deal, seeing the show before the album came out, after all who listens endlessly to a soundtrack before they go to see a musical or a movie?

      • simon robinson says:

        I hadn’t heard the album before I went so it was mostly new to me! As a teenager you only had so much money for vinyl in the 70s and there was always so much quality stuff coming out that most of us had a wish list going permanently.

    • simon robinson says:

      Thanks for this Dave, I’ve taken the longer version and put it aside to use in the book if that’s OK!

  13. rockahead says:

    Like most double albums there is always debate as to whether it would have been better had it been edited down to a single album but you are correct how would you decide what to remove. Over the years your ears become accustomed to hearing things in the same way and order even if you don’t think you do so if you edited it down I am sure after forty years it would sound rather strange. Then again people are still suggesting the Beatles Double White would make a better single album. So like the White album I think The Lamb is what it is and should remain a double ….the double we all know and love 🙂

  14. Kev Powell says:

    I saw them on the last night of the Uk Tour,Fri May 2nd 75.They had run out of Programmes!Managed to get The Poster photo taken by Armando Gallo,I think cost me 25p!!
    After the gig, I followed a couple of Guys who had been “Given” a Lifesize Cardboard Slipperman used for Promo Purposes.They were seen carrying it out into The Gloomy Night.I wonder if a Passing Drunk had to look twice to see what it was!!Also what happened to it??.
    This was my First ever Rock Gig……..what an Introduction!!

    • rockahead says:

      I remember those cardboard cut outs Kev the record companies did them for a lot of artists. I even managed to get some of them myself later. Wish I still had them to be honest They would be worth a fortune now 🙂

  15. Kev Powell says:

    Ah……….that would explain it……..Thanks!!

  16. Bruce says:

    Saw the Shrine performance. Absolute highlight of my concert years, everything else paled in comparison, including The Wall which I was fortunate enough to see. THIS was better.

  17. Craig Whitley says:

    I cant wait for this! I was a bit too young to see Genesis perform the show, but the album has always been a favorite and getting to see The Musical Box perform it twice in 2012 was a highlight of my concert going “career”.

  18. Mino Profumo says:

    Seems a great book, can’t wait to see it.

  19. Ismet M says:

    Just seeing that page opened at ‘Bristol Colston Hall which is where I saw the concert in 1975 makes this a ‘must have’. Can’t wait

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  21. Mark Kenyon says:

    Hello, I have not received any updates for this book even though I am on the mailing list. I am very interested please keep me appraised.

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  23. Don Robinson says:

    My favorite concert of all time. I saw The Lamb performed at Newcastle City Hall in 1975. I was 12 years old and my parents had bought the album for me for xmas 74 . That night is etched in my memory, it really felt like I’d seen something special and even after 40 years and seeing 1000’s of gigs it still stands out. At the end I went up to the front of the stage and asked if I could have one of Phil’s drum sticks, the roadie gave me a whole bunch of them. Good luck with the book.

  24. Ezra says:

    When will this be released?? Would buy in a heartbeat.

  25. says:

    Any news of the Genesis book, as a big Genesis fan since the 70s?

    • simon robinson says:

      Still very much on the go Peter, but the delay on the Yes book has shoved everything back I’m afraid. Will be back on the design work as soon as we can.

  26. miquel says:

    hola quan surt el llibre

    • Miquel says:

      When the book will be released?
      And where I can buy it?

      • simon robinson says:

        I will do everyone a newsletter as soon as I can. Basically the other two books we’re doing have been much longer getting to print than planned, but I can now see daylight at the end of the tunnel and will be able to get back onto the Genesis project.

  27. MIQUEL says:

    when the book comes out i want to buy fata very-thr and where you can buy thanks you very much

    • rockahead says:

      The book will only be available here from this website so if you have not done so already please sign up for the news
      Etters in order that you are kept up to date on when the book is for sale
      Thank You
      Jon Kirkman

  28. Benjamin LEON says:

    I’m so excited about this project…but when the book comes out ??? All the best.

  29. MIQUEL says:

    thanks you

  30. rockahead says:

    Hi Miquel
    You register on this page for newsletters. The link is about halfway down the page
    Thank you


  31. rockahead says:

    Miquel I will alk to Simon and find out. What name and email address are you registered under?

  32. MIQUEL says:


  33. miquel says:

    that peter gabriel talked about mar king a film about the lamb to ya


  34. miquel says:

    STUDIES SPOT VISIT THE FARM OR STUDIO WOMAD Peter Gabriel is very important to me

  35. Greg Mazure says:

    Detroit 1974 Masonic Temple

  36. Harry says:

    Great to hear from you again and pleased to know that The Lamb book appears to be nearing completion and publication. Wish I’d had time to be more involved but then, sadly, I never saw the live performance. However, I rented a flat in Edinburgh back in 1979 and under the paper lining in the wardrobe in my room I found… a Lamb Lies Down on Broadway tour programme! Saw the band several times between 1978 (Knebworth Festival) and 1986 (on the band’s first ever tour of Australia) as well as solo tours by Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett and Phil Collins. Steve is just about to embark on his first ever tour of Australia and Melbourne is being blessed with no less than three seperate performances, two of which I will be attending. 2017 is turning out to be a great year for PROG… anyway, all the very best with the publication and I look forward to hearing of a publication date. Cheers

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  38. Dave says:

    Small correction to the review above. There were no lasers on the lamb tour.

  39. Zack Cargile says:

    Atlanta, Ga 1974, Municipal Auditorium

  40. Martin St-Onge says:

    Great book ..l absolutly néerlandais one!!! Great job!!!

  41. miquel says:

    is possible buy the in spanish lenguigues or french lenguigues
    thank you

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