Genesis Q&A

Why limited? Producing a book of this size and complexity is difficult and expensive.  To make this viable at the retail price we need a certain level of orders.  It is possible to print smaller numbers, but the unit cost would be prohibitive.  We limit print numbers to what we anticipate to be the demand and some extra for latecomers, but after that the book goes out of print.  Where an edition is signed, this also limits the final print run.

Can I buy more than one copy? To be fair to customers you can reserve more than one copy of the signature edition but if demand out-strips supply we will have to restrict everybody to one copy each and you will be refunded the extra payment and offered the softback edition.

About Stereo 33 Books. Our aim as rock fans is to produce high quality collectors edition music books. These books are produced and designed to the highest levels and contain material most of which is simply not available anywhere else.  Stereo 33 Books are produced by Simon Robinson and Jon Kirkman who have worked in the music industry for over 40 years each as designers and writers respectively, and you can read more about them on the author profiles.

Is the book supported by Genesis? The book has had input (and good wishes!) from some of the band members, as well as producers and crew but is not an official item of band merchandise.

Will there be a lower price edition? We have had plenty of feedback and revised our editions to include what we hope are more affordable signed editions. You can pre-order however many you like, but of course once the edition is sold out that’s it. Subscribe to the newsletter to get first information on this.