Yes final cover

The Christmas break really held production up, with a number of key staff on holiday, our designer waylaid by an infection, and a technical issue with the new cover art taking ages to sort out. Everything is now back on track and we expect shipping to begin during January. In the meantime here is the final cover art front and back.

Yes Dialogue new cover

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Purple cover

ST33Books has hit the ground running in 2017 after a lot of delays which stalled projects in 2016.  Yes : Dialogue is now being printed and we plan to begin shipping in late January at long last.  The Deep Purple Photo Book will follow on soon after. The cover for this has been revised now that we have got to the bottom of exactly where Barry took the material. He was London based, so we assumed the photos were all from the capital, and used the word London on the cover.  But chatting with Barry he says he was often sent off to early shows on a tour for the music papers, and the Deep Purple material comes from as far apart as Glasgow and Portsmouth.  Then with that done, we’re back on finishing the Genesis title.

Deep Purple Barry Plummer photo book

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Yes : Live

ORDERS FOR YES : DIALOGUE have now gone live, and you can place an order through our on-line shop. Please note priority is being given to our pre-order customers for shipping, and we plan to start sending books out in late  January 2017.

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Desktop publishing

Yes Dialogue mac desktop

Here’s a shot of part of the ST33Books desktop while the corrections to the Yes Dialogue book were being organised. The office has always been Mac based.  These days the larger G4 and G5 machines are used less often, and most of the day to day work is done on the two laptops.  These are then linked to the larger Mac studio monitor for split screening for the more critical stages of the project.  The Mac studio display is still great to use, even though it dates from circa 2001. It gets harder to find the special adapter for these to work with a Mac laptop but our IT providers found one in a box of odds and ends a few years ago to enable us to connect it all up. It seemed steep at £60 then but apparently they fetch big bucks on auction sites now.

You can see the proof copy of the book and also a few earlier printed single page proofs with an earlier layout idea on them.


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Manchester Common

Author Jon Kirkman and designer Simon Robinson spent several hours in Manchester last week in a nice cafe called The Common on Edge Street with the final Yes : Dialogue proofs and hammered through the corrections. You can read more at the production diary.  Images and video will follow in the next few days.

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Yes proofs

Update – NEW PDF PROOFS HAVE NOW ARRIVED FOR Yes : Dialogue.  Do keep your eye on the Production Diary for the latest updates. We have ordered two full printed colour proofs so myself and Jon can be checking them at the same time. These will be marked as such and not be part of the production run. Again we apologise for the delay at this very last stage of pre-production, I forget that other people lead a normal life and go on things called holidays, including our technical advisor at the printers!

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Nearly there!

Yes : Dialogue is nearly there.  We have had a few weeks delay, explained in Newsletter 6 which has been sent out to book subscribers, but taken advantage of this to finally get Trevor Horn on tape for the book, something author Jon Kirkman has always been keen to do. It has helped that Jon got to introduce the group a number of times on their British shows recently. He sent me this photo taken in Liverpool from beside the sound desk, and reckons the group are possibly better than ever at the moment. You can read the earlier newsletters on the site and keep extra up to date via the production diary.

Yes Liverpool Philharmonic 2016

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