Yes : Book reviews

Due to the nature of the book we will not be sending out review copies to the press, but we have appreciated people’s comments as the copies start to arrive.  We will print a few here.

We are delighted with its totally unique perspective on Yes with some amazing pictures and interviews. The book is well designed and produced and its quality and depth has exceeded expectations. Worth the wait – thank you.  Sian and Jon

I’ve got the book and it is amazing. Great pictures and a lot of background information about Yes and all the members over the decades. Guido Fischer.

I received my copy of Yes Dialogue from FedEx today.  It’s a gorgeous book, and you did a great job packaging it! Terrence O’Donnell.

I’ve just received my copy and I just wanted you to know that it is fantastic.
I couldn’t be more happy with the book. Well done and please give my best and congratulations to Jon and all involved! Mark Yount.

Just got the book…IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!! Your team have really outdone themselves on the production; definitely worth the wait. Can’t wait to read it!
Thank you so much for putting this together.  John Kenific

It arrived today, with a big dent in the side of the box! (But) Because of your hand assembled custom shipping box the book was perfect! Thanks for everything!
John Payne

Thanks very much for your hard work. Bravo ….  Luis Padilla.

The book arrived today and I just wanted to say how impressive it is!  Once I pick it up it is hard to break away from even though I am just dipping in and out at the moment.  There are so many memories and reminders of tours gone by, press interviews and ads that I remember from years back, Jon’s very thorough interviews and so many fantastic photographs!  Many of the Yes books I have seem to recycle the same information but the interviews here have a depth and freshness about them by virtue of not having been published before and they are just so wide-ranging.  Similarly, the photographs which are of very high quality and again generally they are images I do not remember having seen before.  The large format of the book enables them to make such an impact too.  So, in summary, many congratulations to all concerned, this has clearly been a labour of love and I hope Jon and your team will be delighted with the appreciative response that I am sure you will be receiving from all those lucky enough to have a copy.
Tim Baldwin

A must have for any collector of Rock history and a must must must have for Yes fans!!
Peter Greenwood

Dialogue is something very special. An obvious labour of love from Jon Kirkman. It’s a beautiful book. Oozes quality in all aspects. I’m SO glad I got in early – thanks for a great product Jon. (Facebook – Meetwood Flac)

Have just received my Yes Dialogue book, beautifully packaged and safe, thank you. The book is simply glorious, well done!
Mark Read

Just to say a big thanks. I have received my copy and what excellent packaging which kept it so safe. Also having had a first look the quality seems excellent in both quality of book itself and wonderful content.
It really has been worth the wait to receive such a marvellous finished product.
Paul McNamara.